• Author Honey Badger


Have you ever just wanted to give up?

Just feel like not even trying anymore.

Feel like no matter what you do

There will always be that person

That puts you down,

You try, you do your best

But nothing is ever good enough

They say that you are worthless,

That you do not matter,

That you are lying

about being raped

That you are lying about

your knee being injured,

That you are a piece of property

A walking mattress that

deserves to be raped,

That the laws do not apply to you,

Just start to pull

away from everyone

Start feeling like being self-destructive

Then start to cut and burn,

Want the emotional pain to stop

Wish you would have fought him and made him kill you

Just want someone to listen to you,

To believe you,

To be there for you

To hold you but no one comes

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