• Author Honey Badger

Shine Your Light

In life there are many things that

Need light shined on them.

In my darkness you shine your light,

In my pain you shine your light,

When my grief comes to the forefront

You shine your light brightly,

When anger comes to the forefront,

You are there for me and do not judge me when I am angry.

When I am sad and isolating,

You hold me gently and allow me to cry on your shoulder,

When I am triggered, you are there for me

Shining brightly and showing me the way out.

Your mere presence helps me to know that

I Am not alone and your light shines brightly,

When my hope disappears you shine your light,

When I feel stuck in old memories,

You shine your light so brightly that I,

Reach out and take your hand,

you guide me back to myself.

You gently remind me that I have a birthright to

Be happy, take up space, and to live my life

You remind me that I have a choice in very decision I make.

You are constantly there as a shining light.

Thank you!!

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