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PTSD and Body Memories

PTSD and Body Memories

During medical exam, I get triggered,

I am breathing very shallow.

Flashbacks come,

Heart pounding in my chest,

My body turns red,

Get a massive headache,

Tears streaming down my face,

I am scared and knocked off balance,

I thought that I had healed

More than I have,

I am triggered,

I am having a full

blown anxiety attack,

I want to run away,

I do not feel safe with the medical professionals,

All I want to do is run away,

And that is what I do with the person

who come to the appointment with me

The next day, I call doctor asking for

anti-anxiety medication,

Since I have been in tears

And having flashbacks, nightmares

And suicidal thoughts,

The nurse practitioner all of a sudden

Believes that I have PTSD and

She goes out of her way to

Make sure that I have a prescription

For anti-anxiety medication,

Also she sets me up with therapy,

She tells me that happened was a body memory,

The body does not lie,

I have nothing to be ashamed of and they are there for me,

That they have seen this several

Times with women who have been

Raped and that it is part of Post

Traumatic Stress

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