• Author Honey Badger

Light in the Darkness

An inspirational poem I wrote after co creating, Service with my friend and mentor Lynda.

There have been people put in my life

that have been lights in my darkness,

They showed me the way back to myself

by shining their light in the darkness,

They gently guided me onto the

healing path when I was lost in

deep emotional pain and had no hope,

They came beside me to tell me that could

borrow there hope until I had my own hope,

They told me that I mattered,

They cared about me and wanted to hear my truth,

They would here to listen and support me,

They helped me to see the shame did not belong to me,

And told me to allow my tears to flow,

My guides taught me to be authentic,

To heal by facing my darkness

and by feeling my feelings,

They helped me to come back

into my body, to empower myself,

And to love my body again,

They taught me by allowing

our true self to be seen,

We are of service and

we can help another to heal

We are shining our light, a symbol

of hope for those who are looking

for a way of their darkness,

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