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One of those things I have heard a

few times from different

people through my life,

Many times I got angry,

cried and ignored what

they were saying to me,

Pushed people away from me,

I was not in the place

to hear about forgiving

myself or them for what they did to me,

Now, in this moment, I am ready to forgive

myself for what happened when I was

11, 19, 23 and 25,

I know that the things that I hold

on to that keeps me stuck in pain, anger

grief, and from living my life,

I forgive myself for not knowing what I

know now, for not leaving, not fighting him,

believing his threat and not telling

everything he did to me,

I forgive myself for not saying any thing

until I was in high school,

I forgive myself for sleeping around,

I was doing the best to cope with

how I was feeling deep inside,

I thought that by going

to a university two hours

away, I could escape the pain that I

felt deep inside,

All I did was stay on

campus over the weekend,

Drank alcohol for the first time,

It's not my fault what they did to me,

It's not my shame,

I forgive myself for

drinking for the first time,

I forgive myself for

drinking when I was 23,

I was not ready to feel my feelings

so I did the only thing I knew to do,

which was drinking alcohol to numb

all of the pain I was feeling,

I forgive myself for

throwing away a year

and half of sobriety

away when I was 25,

It's not my fault what he chose to dome,

I forgive myself for all of the self-harm and

self-hatred I have put myself through.

None of this was my fault,

They choose to commit a crime

and took what I did not offer,

This was their fault.

There shame,

There betrayal

There violent act.

I work every day to take back my life, live my life

and forgive myself.

I am so glad that

I am able to write,

Because writing is the only way,

I know to get the thoughts out

of my head, to tell my truth

and to continue to heal

one day at a time.

Forgiveness is something I work at every single day.

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