• Author Honey Badger

Feeling Alone

Feeling alone,

Made mistake of trying to reach out to advocate,

Was told that she did not care,

I was just needing someone to listen,

Someone to be there,

I am on deployment,

Stuck on a huge ship,

Out in the middle of the ocean,

Feeling alone, depressed,

There is no one to talk to,

No one that cares,

I need to talk to someone,

But I will not talk to a male about what happened to me

at technical school.

The Chain of command does not care and retaliates against me

The trained advocates that are supposed to care do not care.

I learned to never reach out and I

Will never reach out to advocates again.

Sometimes need someone to be there,

Just want a trained advocate to listen,

To be a friend and just be there

Do not want them

to do anything,

Just want them to listen,

To be a shoulder to cry on.

#MST #PTSD #alone #listentosurviviors #believesurvivors #PTSD #Depression #standwithsurvivors #thebouldersinmylifethatshapedmyjourney

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