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Thought that I could run away from the pain,

Darkness followed me and caused even more pain,

Another heinous crime committed against me,

More betrayal,

More victim blaming, shaming, and feeling lost,

Lost in feelings that cut me to the core,

Lost in feeling like it was my fault,

There are flashbacks, nightmares, fear, self-hatred,

I am lost deep inside of myself,

You came beside me and

helped me know that I am safe,

You taught me how to trust someone again,

You taught me how to speak my truth,

You told me that I was safe to feel my emotions,

At first, I scream, “Hell no, I am not going

to stay present to feel these sensations,

Dissociate from my body and the pain,

But the second I dissociate you know

that I have and you are there to ask

me where did I go.

You hold me and tell me that I can come

back and are there for me totally,

You remind me that I am totally safe,

That I can protect myself,

That I am no longer that child, teenager, Sailor,

And I can protect myself today,

You remind me that I no

longer need to hide my feelings,

truth and hide behind weight,

I start to realize that the weight is a prison that I

put myself in and its time to

love my body, change my body image,

and know that I am capable

of protecting myself.

No one is hurting me today.

No one can hurt me anymore.

This is my breakthrough.

This is my farewell to fear.

I know that I am safe,

That no one else will ever hurt me again,

This is me stepping into the

Empowered Warrior

I know I have become.

#Breakthrough #PTSD #MST #Healing #empowerment #feeltoheal #speakyourtruth

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