• Author Honey Badger

Anger, Rage

Discharged from Military since

I developed Post Traumatic Stress from being raped,

I hurt my knee doing my job,

I tried to get care for my knee but was

Told over and over again

by chain of command,

You are lying!!

You are faking!!

You are not hurt!!

Conveniently discharged while rapist is promoted and sent back to another

technical school so he can rape over and over again!!

Meanwhile, I am discharged and given code of JFT

Erroneous enlistment but I have honorable discharge

2012, Rapist sends me email on

Navy Together We Served

We go back and forth in email,

He says, “So you remember how…lol…

You are such an ugly woman do not know why I messed with you.

Taking a woman is something that

I am down with.

I call NCIS and they reopen investigation Special agent comes

and takes my statement

Case is reopened,

Four weeks later get a call from Special Agent,

You are lying. We have to investigate you and know

Who all you slept with and about any other reports that

You have ever made.

I yelled at the special agent and asked her what in

The hell that had to do with what he admitted to.

I start crying and throw the damn phone across the room.

So once again the chain of command does nothing.

They care more about protecting a damn rapist and promote

Him to second class

Then they send him to another A

school so he can continue to rape.

This destroys me and is when everything changed

Depression hits,self-harm starts,

Cannot believe the lengths the chain of command

Goes to protect a man that straight up admitted to

Raping me.

So much anger.

So much rage,

So much hurt,

So much betrayal,

So much depression,

So much grief,

Flashbacks, Nightmares,

Post-Traumatic Stress

Cannot sleep

Afraid looking over shoulder all of the time.

Rape is not part of

Goes to protect a man that straight up admitted to

Being raped by your own fellow service member

Is not part of serving,

your country.

We are not trained to service men.

So much anger and rage toward chain of command,

Department of Defense, Senate, House, Vice President President that protects

rapists and allow this to continue to happen.

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