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It’s too hard to understand

Too hard to comprehend

Too hard to deal with

Flashbacks, nightmares,betrayal, rage,

Replayed over and over again in mind,

Do not understand why you would do this,

Why the chain of command protects him?

Why the chain of command ruined my career?

It’s wrong, you knew what you doing was wrong.

You knew that I did not consent to have sex

With you and you raped me,

You took everything that I believed in,

Trust, Safety, Honor,

Courage, Commitment

Brother and Sisters fighting the enemy

And stomped that into the ground,

Then the chain of command broke me more

By telling me that I deserved to be raped,

That I was nothing more

than a walking mattress,

That it was fine that he raped me

And that they were not going

to do a damn thing about it

Then when he straight up

admitted to raping me


did nothing they

even broke me more

I am sick

of flashbacks,

nightmares, grief, betrayal,

I do not understand why people protect you

I do not understand why the chain of command protects you

I do not understand why they protect you

You are nothing but a rapist

You do not deserve to

be serving this country

Your ass should be in jail

How many other women have you raped?

The chain of command does not do a damn thing

Why can’t the damn

Senate, House, President

Do the right thing and sign executive order?

What are they getting out of protecting rapists?

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